There’s a little Hawaiian in my Blood

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Poi is a fire dance art originating from the New Zealand. Today it is used in many Pacific island shows, including Hawaiian. The Sandwich Islands (later Hawaii) became a US territory in 1898 but not a state until 1959! A piece of my family lived on those islands before they even became a territory! You would never know it by looking at me but I am in fact a little Hawaiian! OK, so that is true but I am only 128th Hawaiian. But on April 21st I had to summon all that 128th into a show!

Creekside Pines Senior Community was having a Hawaiian night for the residents. The weather was trying to put a damper on our parade but it held off  until right after the event! They had food, activities (including a pie toss- picture below), Hawaiian dancers and FIRE! They requested that I dress the part so. I took all that 128th and put into play and what a great show! The residents had their family and friends over and everyone enjoyed it.



A Fiery Night at Opera!

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When you want a party remembered you have to bring something that everyone will talk about and can’t stop talking about!  On April 21st Sorriso Productions put on a Fiery Night at Club Opera in Atlanta. Sorriso Productions specializes in bringing the Brazilian/Latin  party to the next level. That is exactly what they did!! The party was rocking  on the patio and Venetian room to the mix spun by  Dirty South. To  make the night a never forget, they asked me to come out and show the crown how hot it can get!



Fire Quotes

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This post is just for fun. Here are some quotes about fire that I found inspiring, insightful or just fun!

A man can be short and dumpy and getting bald but if he has fire, women will like him. -Mae West

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. – William Butler Yeats

If you ever catch on fire, try to avoid seeing yourself in the mirror, because I bet that’s what really throws you into a panic.  ~Jack Handey

Some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice. – Robert Frost

The most tangible of all visible mysteries – fire.  ~Leigh Hunt

Man is the only creature that dares to light a fire and live with it.  The reason?  Because he alone has learned to put it out.  ~Henry Jackson Vandyke, Jr.

O! for a muse of fire, that would ascend the brightest heaven of invention. – William Shakespeare-Henry V act 1 prolog

Success isn’t a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire. -Arnold H. Glasow


Woodstock Festival 2012

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One year ago I found out about the Woodstock Festival. They allowed me to perform there and we had a lot of fun that afternoon. Unfortunately it rained and my show was cut a bit short and with rain on the radar the crowds were not very large. However, I still managed to get some awesome pictures and the guest really seemed to enjoy the show!

This year was another story. I was contacted because my performance last year was a big hit. They asked if I would perform again. I ,of course, said yes! The crowds were bigger and the weather was beautiful. I was able to perform 3 full 15 minute sets! They had me perform like last year in front of Maxwell’s cigar bar and Yoguri. But the funny part is that I was also placed right beside the Woodstock Fire Department! They never were needed of course, and I was told that it was a coincidence but it made the safety speech in my show that much more funny. I think they enjoyed the show as much as everyone else!

Fire and Ice at Berry College

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A long time ago I attended college at Berry for 1 year, sense then I have been waiting on them to ask me back. On Feb. 17th they finally did… But they didn’t ask me to be a student but rather an entertainer! Berry College was having a Fire and Ice night and I was granted permission to heat things up a bit. The School grounds have changed greatly in the last 8 years but it still felt amazing going there to have some fun. They now have a water fall beside the Krannert center that acted as an amazing back drop for my show!

Here is look at the fun…



A Time to Reflect on Fire

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2011 was a great year! Filled with new skills learned and many awesome performances. They say It is important to look back and smell the roses, so this is what this is.

So in honor of a year to never to forgotten here are some of the high lights:

I got to work with some very talented performers like Srikanta Barefoot, Marilyn Chen, and Flako Y Jona just to name a few!

Performed at:


Water for Elephants Premier in Chattanooga TN,


The Zmax Dragway in Charlotte NC,


Rock the Runway 2 in Birmingham Al,


Club Asylum in Macon Ga,

and many other events and venues which were no less important.

Another First this year was breaking into the media world! I was asked to perform for multiple news channels and also 2 music videos- Kaleem and Flako Y Jona! (both are not yet released to public) I always imagined it would be very different performing for a video camera and then I realized that on camera they can edit out any goofs! That made the performances much less stressful. However when you are on live news there isn’t much you can do about the nerves except smile and do what you do best.

I believe in everything you are doing you are either moving forward or backward. This past year has been marked by growth in friends, skills and new adventures. I know that the coming year has even more in store.

Here is a Huge Thank You to everyone who made this last year memorable and made it available for me to do what I love. I am truly thankful for the life that God has given me!

~Jimmy Pyro

Rock the Runway with Fire!

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Rock the Runway is a fashion show that the proceeds go to help She Dances. She Dances is an organization that provides holistic restoration for innocent and forgotten young girls who have been trafficked and sexually exploited. The fashion show took place at the Sloss Furnace in Birmingham Alabama. The show was set to the pace of live music by Fly-By-Radio. The rock and roll theme only got better once the aerial silks were hung and the fire got lit. The night was a great success and everyone had fun!