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Making a Music Video

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I have always wondered how they make a music video. A few weeks ago I got to find out! Mollie and I were asked to perform in front of a green screen back drop. The music video will be released in a few weeks. Once it has I will have links to it and the artist. Until then take a look at the behind the scenes!



Early Morning Fire in Charlotte

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It started about 6 AM. Charlotte like any other city likes it’s news with the coffee and that meant that it was going to be an early morning. Fire play is normally a night activity but for special occasions even it will get fired up early.

This morning was a very special occasion. Charlotte Motor Speedway had me come out to do a media tour with the local news stations to promote the upcoming event at Charlotte zMax Dragway on September 16, 17, at which I will be performing.

So here I was getting picked up at 7 to go have some early morning fire fun!

First stop was to FOX Charlotte to do a live performance with Derek James!

Second stop was over to 106.5 The End to record a web video with Woody and Wilcox. This stop was a lot of fun, we hung out at the station and played with some fire. I even got to breath fire over woody and took the liberty of volunteering Melany into some fire play.

Next, we stopped by NBC Charlotte for a live spot during their tail gate party.

By this time I was starving so we grabbed some lunch and headed over to the zMax Dragway to film some footage on the track. This track is the nicest track in the word! Jonathan Coleman and James Nix from the Independent Tribune was there to capture a bit of the fire!

The last stop of the day was to CBS Charlotte. I wanted to make a great impression on Charlotte, so the last show of the day I pulled out the all the big toys! Kristen Miranda put her life on the line, volunteering to help me with a fire stunt!

Finally I was finished! What an amazing day! This day only made me even more excited about the Sept. 15-18 O’Reilly Auto Parts NHRA Nationals!

Lighting up the square part 2

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Drew captured so many great pictures that is taking 2 posts to show them!

Who says married couples can’t work together!

Hot Food!

Have you ever had something in your mind that you just had to get out!

I am often asked how I light my pants on fire. The Answer is the same as when I light my arms on fire… CAREFULLY!


Whats in Monroe?

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Monroe Ga is a quaint town that looks like you just stepped into an Andy Griffith Show. The square was beautiful and life there seems wonderfully simple. But what does a town like that need? The answer is FIRE! The Monroe County Arts Alliance put on an art party and needed some fire to get it started…

The Thermal Image of Fire

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These were taken by a thermal imaging camera. Thanks to Van Labarge of Second Story Home Inspection. the temperature reading are not accurate though. the camera has a max temperature read out. Still the pictures look amazing.

Fire Breathing Pictures

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Here are some pictures of fire breathing

Fire Breathing Types

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There are different types of fire breathing. they are flash ball, fire ball, pillar

Flash Ball- This is the one that requires the least amount of fuel. This looks more like a torch flare up than the traditional idea of a “fire breath” and is what most breathers experience on their first attempt with fire.

Fire Ball- This one forms a fire ball about three feet aboveĀ  or infront of the breathers face before it dissipates. This also can be done in one breath or with practice a quick puff.

Pillar- These are all the names used for the traditional image of a fire breath. Pillars usually begin by looking the same as a FireBall but then tend to open upward having the appearance of a mushroom cloud or a tower. Pillars tend to average anywhere from 4 to 10 feet for most fire breathers.