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Lighting up the square part 2

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Drew captured so many great pictures that is taking 2 posts to show them!

Who says married couples can’t work together!

Hot Food!

Have you ever had something in your mind that you just had to get out!

I am often asked how I light my pants on fire. The Answer is the same as when I light my arms on fire… CAREFULLY!



Presenting the Human Blockhead

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The original name “Human Blockhead” belongs to a man named Melvin Burkhart. Born in 1907 and died on Nov. 8th 2001, Melvin Burkhart was one of the last of the old-time sideshow performers. Robert Ripley of “Ripley’s Believe it or Not” was the one to give Melvin his title.

To be a human blockhead you need only three things:

  1. The nail
  2. The hammer
  3. A head

After that all you gotta do is hammer the nail in. If it doesn’t kill you then you are a blockhead.

This is an X-ray I had taken at Centennial Chiropractic while performing the Human Blockhead. Many times when I perform people think it is a fake nail, but they change their mind once I let them hold it once I hammered into a piece of wood.

There is no trick but for safety reasons I DON’T suggest you try it without a professional with you!