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All Boys Love Fire

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All Boys love fire. Some of us like it a bit more than others. I had the opportunity to perform for some like minded boys. The Boys Scouts are taught to respect fire and to use it in the wild. I myself am an Eagle Scout. I know first hand how much boy scouts like fire. That is why when I was asked to perform for them I knew they would enjoy it. When camping they use Colman fuel to power their stoves. Colman fuel is also what I use to fuel my props. In Boy Scouts you earn a Fireman Chit. This is a piece of paper that allows you to start and use fires. I gave the boys that night a full safety speech and then proceeded to show them 7 ways they could loose it!

As a reminded fire is awesome but please only practice it with the supervision of a professional.


Home and ready to burn

Posted in Uncategorized on August 28, 2010 by jimmycush

I have now returned from Alaska and am ready to play with fire again. over the summer I performed the Human Blockhead once. The solo performance was originally going to be a weekly repeat but as it turns out the Human Blockhead is not for everyone.

Still here and there at the same time

Posted in Uncategorized on June 8, 2010 by jimmycush

Hey guys i know that i have not posted anything in the last while but, i have exciting news. the reason is that I am working on a cruise ship during the summer!! I will try to throw a post in here when i get a chance, but i don’t get great internet connect alot in Alaska. So that being said have fun practice fire and have fun.