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Woodstock Festival 2012

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One year ago I found out about the Woodstock Festival. They allowed me to perform there and we had a lot of fun that afternoon. Unfortunately it rained and my show was cut a bit short and with rain on the radar the crowds were not very large. However, I still managed to get some awesome pictures and the guest really seemed to enjoy the show!

This year was another story. I was contacted because my performance last year was a big hit. They asked if I would perform again. I ,of course, said yes! The crowds were bigger and the weather was beautiful. I was able to perform 3 full 15 minute sets! They had me perform like last year in front of Maxwell’s cigar bar and Yoguri. But the funny part is that I was also placed right beside the Woodstock Fire Department! They never were needed of course, and I was told that it was a coincidence but it made the safety speech in my show that much more funny. I think they enjoyed the show as much as everyone else!


Water Proof Fire

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Despite the forecast, and overcast sky, we bravely ventured into down town Woodstock to perform at the festival. By the grace of God the rain held off, except for a few drizzles which weren’t enough to keep the crowd from watching Jimmy Pyro.

Among the crowds, photographer Jonathan Carter managed to capture a bit of the magic.