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A Time to Reflect on Fire

Posted in Shows with tags , , , , , , on February 24, 2012 by jimmycush

2011 was a great year! Filled with new skills learned and many awesome performances. They say It is important to look back and smell the roses, so this is what this is.

So in honor of a year to never to forgotten here are some of the high lights:

I got to work with some very talented performers like Srikanta Barefoot, Marilyn Chen, and Flako Y Jona just to name a few!

Performed at:


Water for Elephants Premier in Chattanooga TN,


The Zmax Dragway in Charlotte NC,


Rock the Runway 2 in Birmingham Al,


Club Asylum in Macon Ga,

and many other events and venues which were no less important.

Another First this year was breaking into the media world! I was asked to perform for multiple news channels and also 2 music videos- Kaleem and Flako Y Jona! (both are not yet released to public) I always imagined it would be very different performing for a video camera and then I realized that on camera they can edit out any goofs! That made the performances much less stressful. However when you are on live news there isn’t much you can do about the nerves except smile and do what you do best.

I believe in everything you are doing you are either moving forward or backward. This past year has been marked by growth in friends, skills and new adventures. I know that the coming year has even more in store.

Here is a Huge Thank You to everyone who made this last year memorable and made it available for me to do what I love. I am truly thankful for the life that God has given me!

~Jimmy Pyro